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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday are not the best

Thursdays are not good for me.
My eyes, from the strain at work,
 are strained,
my mind, from the strain of my eyes,
 is distracted.
My body, form both of the above,
is tired and i am not relaxed.
Thursday, i wake up later than even Fridays
and seem to hurry my self to get to work.
Work always seems like a jumble
and then there are more things that happen on Thursday,
of course!
I try to relax in the evening,
but i am still wound up,
yet i am tired.
These are the tough days.
Tomorrow, tho, is Friday!
And i do have my tree up!

Funny I took pictures of the tree, but can't find them - typical of a Thursday!
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