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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seeing through a glass darkly

perhaps i understand that statement better than most...
Not that every thing i say is correct or even presented well,
but i feel
and sometimes think i understand...
for long time persons visiting this blog, you know that my background is of a Greek Orthodox.
but i do not speak or read Greek (i do know the alphabet, but because of science, not upbringing).
Never the less, i have an utmost respect for different beliefs and as the are called denominations.
I hear and see the different squabbles and i do not think of these "debates" as having anything to do with a spiritually, 
I see my 2 cats, who had the same view of the world, same goals in life and same "owner", fighting over some perceived issue.  they fought like 2 brothers and forgot about it after 9or when i intervened).
None of us know any thing fully.
We see,
as i saw through my Fresnel lens inserts,
with a little bit of clarity that helped me make my way.
Even though, i see now more with my heart than any thing (even in my Environmental Blog)
and some times,
just some times.
i get it correct.
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