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Monday, January 30, 2012

not sure if i should've gotten out of bed today

The signs were there
it should have been obvious,
I was oblivious.
The walk in to work was okay,
'cept for the car that speed up as i was in the cross walk,
missing me by feet,
but i continued on.
Then there was the man asking for money for coffee,
I bought him a coffee,
but he wanted more money after that.
I kept going.
At work, after i punched in,
i found that my reading glasses were not with me.
I can not work with out them,
not with what i do,
so i went back and the same man accosted me again.
I walked on this time.
Home i had to change out of my shirt and get a new hat,
they were soaked with sweat.
Back to work and i see the same guy working other people,
he did not try me again.
Work was busy,
many phone calls due to a letter that had gone out.
I was trying to correct some code in VBA,
but the interruptions made it near impossible.
The calls were nice tho and i settled in and answered the questions the best i could,
nice people all.
Bed bugs, water samples, questions,
it was a busy day.
I got the code to work and i was happy.
It ended up being a good day despite a auspicious beginning.
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