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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sharin my cookin smells with the neighborhood

This is not a recipe,
it is a way of coking.
This is not a winter,
it is 50 F on the last day of January.
There is no snow on the ground.
I have the "girls" here
and so the doors are open so they can enjoy.
I have a cheap piece of pork rib (they call it country ribs)
and i start with olive oil to brown the meat.
add onions and garlic and some of that dried oregano from my garden.
The smells waft out the open door and attract my neighbors.
Red wine, but first some fennel seed.
Tomato sauce and then let it simmer down.
The pasta will come later with a salad.
I seem to have a lot of friends in the neighborhood,
you wonder why?
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