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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Early morning thoughts

An Old Story

When i was a young man

and a new Christian.,

I fell into a group of evangelical Christians

and there was a story circulating among the group

telling of how shepherds would deal with sheep that had gone astray.

Whether the story had any truth to it,

i do not know,

this group would tell many stories that they said were truth to get their points across,

that were not.

To the story,

they would say that if a lamb strayed too much,

the shepherd would break the leg of the lamb,

so it would not wander,

but because the lamb could not get around,

the shepherd would then carry it, until i bended.

The point of the story?

Sometimes i feel like that lamb who kept wandering

and that i have been broken and carried around,

so i would not stray.

So all of the trouble and difficulty that i have been through

because of the removal of a death dealing tumor,

the double vision,

the lack of balance,

is only being brought closer to my shepherd.
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