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Monday, February 27, 2012

Gift of nieighbors

I live in a very mixed neighborhood and we all talked with each other and look after each other.
We visit and share.
Yesterday a knock on the door brought our neighbor with her 4 month old daughter.
We shared coffee as i was cooking dinner.
(Pork "pernil", my style if you must know, the recipe to follow)
The pork came out before she finished her coffee and we sent some home with her.
Later in the evening was the fiancee, looking for some tools that we have.
They have shared their food with us, Dominican and Peruvian.
A knock on the door this after noon, brought another neighbor from El Salvador with chicken soup and fresh flour torllias..
wonderful, flavorful chicken soup, so full of flavor and chicken which was so tender....
She uses yucca, i know and celery and carrots and onions and it cooks forever,,,
Our Italian neighbor invites over for a cuppa of coffee (espresso, of course) and homemade Italian cookies and treats.
The Jamaican neighbor cooked jerk chicken when ever it warms up.
The Polish neighbor sends over porogies, venison (from her husband) and pickled herring (fresh).
A very good friend, who happens to be Indian, sends over real Indian food for my great pleasure.
so if you ever wonder where my food taste to compare to restaurants in the area, neighbors and friends!
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