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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A question of sight

The last few days my vision has been different
and i use this term very specifically
because i do not know if it is good or bad!
When i wake up, there is always a period of time when the "diplopia" or double vision is less.
It usually is best in low light, such that i can see singly for numberous inches,
without glasses.
The last view days my wake up time in bright light has been a few feet.
The problem is later when i try on my glasses,
things are fine at first,
but then everything is double,
even with the glasses...
Are the eyes improving so much that the glasses are too much?
Or are my eyes going further out still?

The doctor has been very surprised at the improvement.
From just after the operation, where they where 20 points out
to recently when they were 11 points out with a great deal of maneuverability holding things single.
Did i over work them at the last week of work?
It is possible, it was a rough, busy week,
but there was more than a week of rest before that,
where even my balance improved significantly.
yesterday, i couldn't even move a bowl of soup 5 feet without spilling it....
Questions, questions!
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