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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Strange good times

While i was away, i had some "interesting" things happen...
Only to me!
Had a very significant alergic reaction eating a chicken dish at A HEALTH FOOD STORE/RESTAURANT!
Only could have happened to me!
Had a great compassionate experience at the Virginia DMV!
all i can say is WOW!
Saw a beautiful rising moon in the early morning hours at the farm.
I went back to sleep after tho...
Went through 21 very large boxes of photographs and such from my mom...
tens of thousands...remember she was an artist,
so if she saw something that might be incorporated into a painting,
it was photographed for future reference.
I found pictures from early Cyprus - from the teens of my grandfather and great grandfather.
Found my dad's pilot licence (in French of course)!
Going though her paintings, i tried to move a 4" x 6" beam with my head...
Ow, that hurt!
Fortunately, her work was highly sellable and there are not That many paintings, but enough.
My house now has them on the wall in lots of places.
Put aside an old tapistry from my grandmother (whom died when my mom was 11) for my aunt..
Got swarmed by the geese and ducks and chickens and turkeys looking for a handout and fell down among them.
That was kind of fun cause they hooted and hollaredat me like they were concerned for me or something!
prepared a garden for the spring (which seems to be coming early.
It was a lot, busy, fun enjoyable.
Oh yea, we went out to eat often and had some really great food -
Italian (the suace was proper Dan) and some very great seafood (in Va Beach, what do you expect?)
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