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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So much going on

i probably have a dozeb "posts" running around in my head,
but first a word from my sponser...

He has been gone some 3 years,
but the other morning he came visiting,
meowing at my door,
calling for me.
I am left with questions:
Is he coming back?
Will I know its him?
I have not thought abut geetting anther cat since he and his partner left me to recover.

I was thinking about the many connections we make in our life
and then they surprize us.
I say good morning as i walk in to work to those i meet,
they have all returned my greeting.
Yesterday, there was conversation with two of them,
more than just a greeting.
It is a completion or the begining of more,
just talk, but now there is more of a connection.
This important,
The circle of completion,
we all need it.

It will be dropping out of computer land for a bit,
but before i do,
Today we have a visitor,

a welcome one...

Our neighbors baby,
just for a bit

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