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Thursday, March 8, 2012

the writing of this blog

there seem to be many prolific writers out in blog land,
many post a day,
where i am lucky to share my heart and life but once in a great while.
The days have been a bit troubled,
but only in the sense that i can not any longer rely on me.
Oh the brain functions,
sometimes too well,
but the memory is confused and mixed up.
It is not Alzhiemers nor old age...
It is from the effects of that operation,
the one that saved my life and removed that tumor
and openned up another door that some times i still am unsure of.
A door that i see without seeing.
know the right place without remembering.
following a trail of a still small voice that my life was once too big and loud to hear before.
There is a comfort in not knowing, but still being sure.
That statement confuses me, but it is truth.
I seem to live it more than ever before.
of course,
 i am even more confused that
the scientific,
analytical mind
remains intact and working a a level that leave most people bemused.
But now the heart seems first and foremost
and i think this is good.
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