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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to handle a critic

Resently a  friend on face book commented on a photo by a local restaurant,
that i had not been impressed with it.  Now it my confusion in facebooks, i thought it was my friends posts and commented on it.
The restaurant responded, but not in a bad way, but with simple questions about the kind of food i liked.
I was encouraged and responded back in a kind of off handed way, but they came back in a positive way.
I reponded back more positively and now write this post.
When you eat out, you are a critic, if you write about it, it counts even more.
When a restaurant responds in such a mature manner as this one did, you give them accolades as i am doing now.
It also means i will go back and if things are good, will shout it from the house tops.
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