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Monday, April 16, 2012

Joey the cowboy

I think i have been searching for these pictures
for they tell a story that even i do not belive sometimes.
getting ready summer of 1957

 The last picture, i have placed first
for it is just before i ran away,
taking my newly washed tricycle west,
along I 10,
till some kind motorist saw me and brought me to a Brennan's restaurant,
(yes, the same people who sponsered Emrel)
where they fed me ice cream until a sherif brought me home.
I have 2 and about 1/2 years old, when i took my journey.
Running or exploring,
i do not know,
but i took a trek and scared my parents.


I look happy in these before pictures...

Cowboy Joey and Mom
Cowboy Joey (me) and Dad

Of course, my be not so at the zoo with this big fellow!

Buffalos early on in the family

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