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Friday, June 22, 2012


Those strange events for which we have no explanation,
whether they be of an Impossible" nature
or in a mater that things come together so as to defy probability.
The hand of God.
I wrote my post the other day in an almost frantic mode,
frightened possibly,
unsure of what to do.
The glasses that allow me to work
and to pay bills
and to read,
were gone.
vanished in a manner i can not explain
and still can not.
Trying to see with the "Fresnel" lenses is akin to looking through wax paper.
It simply does not work.
How i did that for so long,
i do not know,
but they were gone.
The hot day,
was not a bother for me,
but my regular glasses, i still wore.
No getting around those, for without them,
EVERYTHING is double in no small manner.
I am home and i get a call from the place that i put my prescription for a second pair of reading glasses...
5 days ago. 
"Your glasses are ready" I hear from the other side of the phone.
They were suppose to take 2 weeks.
i go to the lab today, looking for the valise which had the glasses.
I find an unused, brand new case instead.
I tried to think of what was valuable besides the glasses -
the 4 gig USB device?
The can of coffee?
The Scone that was to be for breakfast?
Nothing else really.
All was restored...
this one i call a miracle.

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