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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Strange problems

Th place i ork had a serious problem electrically yesterday afternoon afteri left.They still had an issue when i went in this morning, but afdter much finageling, i was allowed to go up to check on things that might be a problem.
I had my bag with my reading glasses and other things of lesser importance in it.
I did my things, but carried my bag with me into the lab proper and set it down... some where.
Yes, i can not find it,
not my reading glasses.
How am i writing this?
using my old fresnel insert glasses,
which fog everything up because that is what fresnel lenses do.
I can not read the screen i am writing on, but i can see the key board.
The most interesting thing is the distance i can see with these, meaning that the "Prism" amount is greater than what i am using now-
the new glasses are 1 year old and that tells me there is improveement.
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