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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday morning reflections

During the week ,
i was engaged in a number of "religious" discussions,
Inevitably, the fact i was a scientist was linked to not having any faith.
I am perplexed by that.
By seeing the vastness of the universe, all of its beauty and complexity and mystery -
many scientist have proclaimed their belief in God and something greater than ourselves.
To me, we would be foolish not to believe in something more than our selves,
to believe otherwise, puts us in the center of a Universe that does not exist outside of ourselves.
Do i believe in things that i can not understand nor explain?
Of course, i am not that arrogant to think i know it all.
There are so many experiences that exist of things that are miraculous, of course, i believe in miracles.
What do i think of death?  That it is not an end - "energy can not be created nor destroyed" from the scientific point of view and we are full of energy, of the kind we know about and the kind we do not.
From my experience - i also know it is not an end - for when i heard the doctors say "He's not breathing, people!" 
My body was deep under anesthesia and i was not in it and the peace and comfort i felt was beyond explanation.
Do i believe every jot and tittle that is written in the bible -
no - i think man has had plenty of opportunity to change things,
Do i look to the bible as a reference for my life?
Yes, particularly the teachings of Jesus and His clarification of "the Law".
Do i think Jesus the Son of God, as one raised form the dead?
Yes - that came through experiences that i can not understand, but i accept, as any scientist should, that we do not know nor can explain everything. 
We simply are not that great.
i have no problem with His Ascension either, it simply does not cause a conflict with "rational thinking" to me.
Everything else that everyone else wants to fight over is so unimportant.
Live your life with love not hatred or fear.
Do good at every opportunity and try to be something other than selfish...
that might sum up my religion.
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