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Saturday, June 2, 2012

back in the struggle

For the past several weeks,
i have allowed my joy to be trampled under by many fights,
some i began,
some came to me unasked for.
All had to do my own perception of my moral sense of being.
i am an active and not a passive
and i will scrap with anyone or thing that i think takes away a person's dignity
or well being.

It has a high cost,

but i do it where i can and my job sometimes makes that easy.
and so now for the weekend i find myself back in the struggle...

to be me again.

Songs seem to flow around me,
but not yet through me.

The many messengers who have passed on,
have left me for a time,
but i am assured in my spirit that they will be back.

The weather cleared for a time
and other living messengers came to me,
with words of encouragement.
I am not alone.

A storm last night
seemed to echo the struggle,
but the storm gave me peace
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