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Friday, June 1, 2012

testin, trying - not quite there

It has been a rough2 weeks at work and i have been in a number of battles
 - so i have not been very inspired...
that of course leads me to try new things or "twists" to old recipies.
Yesterday i took my tried and true clam sauce and add black olives and lemon zest -
it mostly worked.
Today - i wanted fish - i had frozen Tilapia.
Normally i bread it with corn meal and bake it -
today - i had a box of packaged corn bread that i need to use so...
i melted butter in an oven pan, placed the Tilapia in it and poured the corn bread batter over it and baked...
Okay - i probably should have toasted the fish a bit first
or added some lemon to it, but it came out okay -
enough that no one complained,
except they wondered what poaching the Tilapia in cream of corn would have been like.
I should recover enough tomorrow that i should have my game on...if we do not go out to eat BBQ....
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