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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Taste of Joe

yes, if i ever open a restaurant, this will be the name.
Tonight i did a special Mac & Cheese, one that i almost dreamed about.
Normal Elbows.
diced, deli ham fried in butter and canola oil.
Shredded Cheese, sour cream, heavy cream and
one of my own diced Chipotle peppers.
Then i went after a Mediterranean style tuna salad (okay my Greek thing again).
Canned tune - fried in olive oil which i had crisped some onions with salt and black pepper and then added garlic and capers.
Rotini macaroni added to chopped celery and diced apple.
mix together and cool, add wine vinegar.
Both were hits - both were deep in my cooking roots.
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