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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

not my final words

The weather in June feels more like a typical March - cool, windy with rain threatening.
We had a few wonderful days, warm, dry, full of sunshine,  last week and a few muggy, stifling days before that (worse than what i remember Houston, Texas ever being).
Tomorrow is my Lab director's last day -
he started before me some 37 years ago.
For the most part he has been an excellent person to work for
(tho i thought he could have left awhile back, mostly for his sake).
When we had disagreements, it was mostly how we perceived things and how things should go.
i tend to be very strong minded.
The work at the lab waxes and wanes in an unpredictable manner:
some days there is literally nothing going on.
I use this time to catch up on "quality control" - the stuff that ensures that everything i work with is working okay.
Then comes days like the last 2 weeks, when every thing comes as a tsunami and i feel like i am drowning under everything that must be done.
These are the days i lose everything when i come home and it takes a weekend to return to normal.
So today at our house is a leftover day - when i just reheat what we have had previously - good and bad.
Not everyday can be creative!
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