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Friday, August 17, 2012

salvaging or savaging the garden

This year i planted some yellow tomatoes that i grew from seeds.
I was unaware that they were grape yellow tomatoes
and as a result had a bumper crop.
Now you can only eat so many
and give away so many more
and the remainder were becoming over ripe.
I thought hard and did two things:
First a gazpacho with cucumbers, hot cherry pepper, scallions, plum tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, Arugula, chives and parsley - these were all garden grown.
That is normal and not so creative, but i had a hankering for it.
Then i went wild;
I made a yellow tomato tomato sauce - from scratch
using basil and parsley from the garden.
garlic and ground veal that were not (of course).
Served on Fettachini with shredded cheese and fresh basil and parsley on top.
This was astounding to me.
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