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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vacation - Day 3 - Discovery

I was working in a garden,
when this process started.
I am unsure why, but i welcome it.

I kinda' knew it,
but it was thrown in my face,
as a postive thing.
My "adventure" has wrought deep changes itn me.
As person who was filled with anger and fear,
in a manner that is typically known as passive agresive,
to normal -
with normal fear,
the kind one can speak out.
and normal anger -
 the kind that may be reasoned with.
From pride,
the kind which makes one arrogant an untouchable -
 to something much softer and more maluable.
I do not have to be right,
but i am also not a worm.
Softening my knowledge with words like "i think" or "maybe" or even "what is your take",
seem to be prevelant now.
Forgiveness is always a start,
not just for others,
but for myself as well.

It is so freeing!

So once again i find myself waiting for more...
with great anticipation
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