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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a day to reflect

After they finished detaching the electrodes from my head,
i walked home.
After i washed that gunk they put in my hair,
i slept.
I woke sightly disoriented,
knowing that i would not know anything for some time.
I was kinda dazed,
but not confused.
I wandered
and in that wandering i rested again
and i thought.
I cooked one of my favorites today:
my own enchiladas,
almost tasting like a Lasagna
in the way and manner
i slather and bake the tortillas with my own sauce.
Then the alarms went off in my head,
after we ate and i thought i had turned off the oven,
but had placed some chili peppers in to dry.
The second or may be the third time,
i had left something on,
when i thought it was shut.
I know there is something wrong,
whether they find it or not,
there is something wrong.
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