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Saturday, September 29, 2012

lamb - slightly experimental

as a half Greek, i love lamb and love to slow cook it.
With extra cinnamon Basil in the yard and lots of mint (spearmint) i decided to mix up my traditional recipe, putting both into my mix of on the bone leg of lamb with garlic (of course whole and pushed into slits along the entire leg), lemon and red wine.  The fresh leaves went on top of this with some salt and cooked slowly for 4 hours at 275 F, covered with foil with potatoes and carrot in the pan as well.  then the last hour up to 375 F.  Pull out and serve - i love it, moist, tender flavorful.

1 leg of lamb ( bone in
1 entire head of garlic
1 cup of fresh cinnamon basil
1/2 cup fresh mint
juice of 2 lemons
1 cup red wine
1 tablespoon of Burgundy wine.
1 pound of carrots
potatoes - as many as you will eat.
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