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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Texas Brisket

It has been said and repeated many times, that only 2 groups of people in the world know how to cook beef brisket (that fatty tough under the rib part of a cow) - The Jews and the Texans.
  I happen to be the latter and while my process is long, it is realativily simple.
  Temperature - under 225 - 180 is best on a smoker for at least 4 hours (my best is a 10 hour smoke, but that requires some attention).
The wood is what you want. I use a mixture of maple and cherry (what i have available) and some hickory.
  Rub? Salt pepper plus what you want.  Mine - in the following ratio:
                               1/3 Cumin
                               1/3 Hot paprika
                               1 paprika
                               1/6 Garlic/parsley mix
                               1 black pepper
                               1 salt
                               1/6 Cayenne pepper
                               1/6 dried Chipolte pepper
                               1/4 instant coffee
The major thing is it needs to be moist heat - so a pan of water between the brisket and any heat is essential. Let the juices and fat drip into this pan. 
The juices i will reduce with a beer and apple juice for a "dipping sauce" (this is a Texas thing)Remove and put into a pan with apple juice and seal with tin foil and cook over night at 180. 

This will be the juicest, tenderest, most flavorful meat that you will ever taste.
  Time yes, work, not really, eating is 5 stars!
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