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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 4 of the imposed "squeeky" vow of silence

Day four of my voice sounding quieter than a mouse,
my house mates are relieved,
cause i love to talk.
I have taken traditional and untraditional remedies.
I have seen my docotor,
who verified it was only viral, not bacterial.
I have increased my vitamin C,
add zinc.
Taken a spoonful of Tumeric with honey -
all of these Anti-virals and immune system boosters.
i have had my Anise tea and lemon.
Drunk chicken soup,
but when i try to speak - i only squeek!
It is much fun to those who know me
and to their merriment they listen to me try to talk.
I have spent time in bed,
that i would rather be doing something else.

My voice, my voice, wherefor hath thou gone?

a bad misquote, but it expresses my feelings.
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