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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

closed and thankful

it is finished,
 a 33 year career in one place,
plus 5 earlier years in other places.
I will not be tearing things apart to tell people what things are made of,
I think i will be creating some things,
particularly my cooking and
hopefully my painting.
I now can get used to the idea that i am finished and can move on.
This is good.
People tried to be nice,
some were genuine, others not.
Actions always speak very loud,
drowning out false words.
So the joke was on everyone who did not believe me,
when i said some 20 years ago that i would retire at 58.
then i thought i would on into another similar job,
in another location.
That will not be the case,
for any job i take will not be similar,
but it still might be in another location.
Those who did not believe me at the beginning of this year,
have now found out that i was speaking the truth.
It is finished, it is done
a new life awaits me now.
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