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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sand Castles

Growing up,
my favorite thing to do at the beach was build sandcastles.
There is something which links us to the way this life really is,
it is at best temporary.
Normally i would have placed this post in my Environmental blog,
because this is about work.
For today is the day that the "provisional lab director has decided to stop testing water,
until the end of January, so she says.
She also removed all the collection bottles and intake forms just to prove the point.
It was not lost on me that this was a slap in my face,
but i said nothing...
tomorrow is my last working day
and the consequences are hers, not mine.

I also realise that this is the fight that i have been making for a great deal of my 33 years.
To test, to discover, to uncover.
I am no longer  in the fight
and it appears that i was building a very elaborate sandcastle all of these 33 years
and the tide just came in.
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