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Sunday, January 6, 2013

so much to do, so little time

The shotgun effect
or the lower 40,
if you have ever heard.
I might be a bit too ambitious
or perhaps i am not focused.
Of course today i got a bit of a head cold
and things seem too much,
but this has been happening all week.
Me i am becoming frustrated,
trying to accomplish.
but not finishing.
I am trying to establish minimum goals,
to help me focus.
Most is to make my environment better,
cleaning, straightening and throwing out.
then some are for my health,
a walk,
exercises time.
And these are not consistent.
Many were left undone by work time and the exhaustion to follow,
but now it is a lack of clarity.
My life feels too full.
No rocking on the chair for me.
Nope, not ever.
Cooking as ever appears to be my salvation,
especially since it is winter time,
with snow on the ground.
No Gardening at this time!
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