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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the return of the eclectic monk

a label given to me by a freind
from "before".
Before the operation,
before the adventure,
before the struggles.
It is comforting to my heart,
yet also somewhat disquieting.
The monk who is kind,
yet some what aloof,
never allowing one person to hold on alone.

yes, this was a label given to me many years ago,
for apparently i am good hearted
and yes, into everything with a full heart.

 There are advantages and
... disadvantages.

In this guise i have become deep friends with more people than most
and yet it has excluded only one person staying in my life,
but i think those who loved me most,
and have left this life,
would want it this way.
It is some how fuller,
yet there are somethings i miss out on.
for in my life there are many
and i count my self fortunate.

Is it bittersweet?
Rather it is something to rejoice in, i think.
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