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Saturday, January 12, 2013


It appears i have been awoken,
it is not my fault,
words must be written,
so gain truth may be spoken and heard.
The night was amazing, but people mostly fumbled with what i had done.
It was Olga's and Debbie's night
and there praises were sung,
but what could the speakers say about me?
Could Michael Perry talk of the 2 times my analyses closed the pools at his hospital?,
no, for i have effected too many.
This is the way of it,
you speak the truth and people are uncomfortable.
Mayor Pavia remembered when i found red tide in Stamford Beach water.
Something no one at that time believed,
until they found out i was only speaking the truth
and others verified it.
Ben Barnes would haltingly remember that i knew something about beach closing,
but he could not remember when i stood against everyone in the meeting on the Scofieldtown dump and told them that the pesticides were not from the dump,
and none believed me.
Yet i was correct.
Looking for and speaking the truth was all i have been about.
Changing my mind when the evidence provided a different answer,
was common.
I did not support anything,
but the truth and the public's health.
The one living Health Director who was not there,
but was somewhat belittled by those present,
perhaps would have told the many times i stood my ground,
because that was what the evidence said.
The health Director who got it right said I knew a lot.
Yes and there is so much that was untold.
That i was the resident expert entomologist
and that i knew much information that was shared with all who called concerning Lyme disease.
They talked about water testing,
as if i created it,
but i only used the tools already available.
They talked of one published paper,
but there were 2.
They showed one Newspaper article,
but there were 7.
And the information shared did go global,
affecting even the US EPA, here
and numerous other countries as well,
looking to protest public health.
What i did will remain because the people i helped,
 were those people who walked through the labs doors,
needing answers to questions they had.
i could not help everyone,
but i tried.
I ended the night when they asked me to say something,
with only a few words,
a quote,
from the last Star Trek movie which had James T Kirk in it.
His final words and mine,
with all that they implied in the movie,
standing for all i did in my own work life.
I made a difference, so my last words were:
"It was Fun".
Thus ended my carer as a lab analyst.
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