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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Working with Ghost Peppers

Yes, i go here,
also known as Naga Bhut Jolokia
the third (or second) hottest pepper in the world.
Can it be called that when the heat index is over 1 million scoville units?
But i make it nevertheless,
but i am well equiped,
with 36 years of lab experience,
working with dangerous chemicals.
There is no difference.
Gloves - a must!
A hood - highly recommended.
a clean work space - esential.
I freeze these,
for otherwise the vapors would waft up reining my disposition.
I grind into a fine powder,
then add lime juice, salt and a touch of sugar!
I keep refrigerated and use only the tiniest bit when i want heat.
Clean up?
Soap, water, soap, water - multiple times.
Do not touch your eyes with the gloves!
Dispose of them properly!
There is a fruity taste to the pepper,
but use it wisely!
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