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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

moving on

news that was not medical
and was not surprising,
still took its toll.
Anger tried to wheal up,
but i put it down.
News had reached me of what i expected,
the person spoke so poorly about others when backs were turned.
Why would i be any different.
The bitterness of this persons soul does not allow a healing touch,
but i will not add to that,
nor will i take the bait that is swung in front of my face.
i take a different way
and i speak of the trouble only to acknowledge
that i face the anger anyway,but i do not let it control me.
Forgive and let go,
they are not part of my life,
but as long as they hold on,
i will be a part of theirs
and that is sad.
God bless them is all i can say
and then i...
walk away.
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