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Sunday, February 17, 2013

NOT a valentines day party

Last night,
a few people came over for a dinner party,
okay, the count was 15 including the young ones,
or was it 17?
My preparations,
both in the food and set up,
were done by myself.
This was a first and even tho i took my time,
it is still quite an accomplishment.
The food first.
some appetizers:
stuffed jalapenos,
home baked corn chips
and another person brought guacamole.
The main course, served buffet style:
my salmon, with an orange juice/maple syrup/salt/hot pepper marinade
Mac and cheese 2 ways - the special one with fried deli ham, Chipolte peppers and cilantro
and the regular creamy one for the kids.
Escarole and white beans - Italian style,
Corn bread to die for.
Others brought potatoes with tomatoes and peppers and
rice and beans - Peurto Rican style.

I made Karidopita
and some one else brought a red velvet, cream cheese frosted cake - wonderful!
A Pointsetta (orange Vodka, champagne and cranberry juice)
White and red wine.
Sangria (made with canned fruit and red wine and rum)

It started somewhere around 6:30,
The last person left about 11.

It WILL happen again!
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