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Sunday, February 3, 2013


I don't have it right , yet...
but it is coming along,
establishing normal patterns or routines for me to follow.
Morning is good.
There are a few glitches, but basic morning things are working.
This is important because it set the tone for the day.
General, meds, exercise.
I get interrupted at times, but i can get back to it,
there is no rush.
Still it is important.
Something new - i find my self well enough to drive some.
This is important as my eyesight was to strained when i worked.
It is not a lot, but i can go places.
Walking, when the weather permits.
It is too cold or icy often in the latter part of January and this first part of February.
a project - something to catch up on for the five years things held there own, maybe.
Bills paper work,
Oh how i would like to forget them.
a new project or 2,
things that have been in the works,
but have not been able to take shape during my recovery while working.
Cooking - not yet a gourmet, but the taste is there!.
Rest - yes, i get to.
I find i will push myself, to as many limits as i can
and then i rest and feels good.
Keeping in contact with others.
Very important - some happens on my walks,
some in the neighborhood.
Dinner parties with guests,
all are important to my health.
I am getting there!

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