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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a "fail"?

yesterday was very difficult,
but it started with a normal routine.
A doctor visit to NY city,
meeting with the head trauma/vision specialist,
whom i have seen for the past 4 years.
Leaving the train at Grand Central,
I apparently dropped my reading glasses.
This i found out several minutes later.
My regular glasses do not help me at close distances (like computer work).
I get around some of that on the internet using [Ctrl +], which increases the size of everything.
The actual visit was very good
and showed still more improvement in the ability to "recover" when my eyes go double.
Then came the big test, the one to check for glaucoma,
Drops to check for pressure and then drops ti dilate the eyes.
I have done this many times,
for at the beginning of the visits, 4 years previous,
there was a diagnosis of possible glaucoma due to the size and shapes of the nerves in the eye.
Two years ago it was reduced to possible pre-glaucoma, because there was no variance in the nerve size and shape.
Yesterday, they removed even that level of diagnosis and declared the size and shape of the nerves as physiological,
not pathological and gave me a clean bill of health,
but the dilation effected me worse than ever and leaving the bright sun caused me much pain.
I was still in pain when i decided to check my "spare" reading glasses,
which promptly feel apart in my had, broken in several places.
I was at this point very upset, angry, hurting and feeling blinded.
I recovered after a nights sleep,
but if this was a test,
i did not do well.
Today i found answers that will take a week to occur, but i am fine with that.
A week and a head ache are all that is left from my trauma of yesterday.
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