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Monday, May 6, 2013

more connections

Yesterday was the memorial service for Art Glowka.
I will miss him.
He was a good friend..
He was 82 and it seems i end up with special bonds with these kinds of persons.
His ashes were scattered in Long island Sound in a simple ceremony that was well attended.

In the midst of this i find myself melancholy,
for connections between one to another are too strong to let go.
Others who have been in my life and now have gone on.
Each deeply special to my heart, 
but now are not here.
A litany of names,
but they were not just names,
they were persons...
with hearts and minds and character.
With each i have learned much,
enjoyed much

and suffered much...
Again the lesson is that we are all connected to each other.
It is a good thing.
If we do not remember this,
we will not have peace.
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