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Saturday, May 4, 2013

i probably should not go here

But by know you know i will....
A discussion yesterday,
but it was missing something.

It missed something i already knew,
already experienced
and knew to be true.
It still is a hunger in my heart to find once again.

There were no lies in all that you said,
but it settled for something less than i want,
something i had experienced before.
I did not let those relationships slip from my grasp,
they were taken,
without recourse,
but each remains extremely precious.

How does one explain a relationship that was so complete,
all at once.
It was not a unique occurence,
it happened twice
and my heart still hungers for the taste.

Persons who connect deep to the depths of the soul,
the emotions,
the activities are only secondary.
The pleasure is in being,
the joy in seeing.

How often can it occur?

the depth of meeting someone on the deepest level possible.
The joy of just being with them.

We are all deluded by one another,
games are played,
special times lost.
The physical and emotional drown out the important.

When i am in a right mind,,
there is no substitute.

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