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Saturday, June 15, 2013

stretched, but content

the mind seeks the answers
to what the heart already knows.
The mind can bring strife,
the heart peace.
When i seek answers to things that can not be known,
i lose myself.
There are many thing that the mind is for
and i use them constantly,
but there is a limit.
A call back to the job i recently left,
for reasons that do not make me happy.
A friend, working, but not paid;
oppression at its worst, but they seem unaware.
A neighbor living in an unhealthy apartment, because the home is the mother's...
Another with a recent operation, leaving them unable to get around,
so i do their errands.
I can be there,
i give support,
but no answers.
These are the things that can not be known.
We can not fix things,
but we can be with them.
With that ,
I am content.
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