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Sunday, August 4, 2013

An adventure that is now 5 years old

Yes it now is 5 years since i had that tumor against my brain stem removed...
the memory of waking up to pain and darkness and bright lights is still very vivid.
The remembrance of the peace that surrounded me when i stopped breathing,
the voice of the doctor saying "he's not breathing people", is also very vivid.
The continued struggle i have continues today,
a struggle most would not comprehend.

Pain, it still occurs,
not as before, nevertheless it is debilitating.

People have left my life, involuntarily and voluntarily
and it no long matters.
This is also incomprehensible because i continue my struggle, unabashed.

People have told me that i am,
i still do not see it.
I just do the best i can do day by day.
I do not think it is enough,
i still feel limited,
sometimes helpless
against this tide that flows against me,
but i continue on,
doing the best that i can...
and the adventure continues.

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