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Friday, September 13, 2013

Strangeness of thought or a Homily of sorts

i hear too much,
it is confusing me...
for i am a radical and a scientist
and what i believe,
people say should not co-exist...
yet they do, in my heart.

This started with conversations about the deterioration of the American work ethic due to unions.

I disagree, for there are many things that come together that have created an issue,
and while i could name many on all sides...
i would simply put that it is a lack of Community.
There is too much us and them,
wrong and right.
Too much of "you are on your own bub".

Community, both social and spiritual,
they must be put together or it does not work.
It does not and should not be one religion and denomination that it belongs too,
though there are many examples of it in many religions.
The Community i describe existed in the first years of Christianity and pieces remain still.

This is NOT communism, that bastardized the concept and so does not work.
It is not socialism, for that is completely dictated by the government and not the heart.


Community is a matter of heart,
one where people actually care about those around them,
everyone lives,
no one has too little
everyone lives.

This country had a great social community where many would try to take care of each other.
This country has lost that, the people lost this and now the government tries to step in.

I live in a small neighborhood where "Community" attempts to occur,
Some days more successfully than others.

I live in a Spiritual Community where we continue to try to live this out each day.

It follows the simplified laws of thermodynamics,
Energy must be put into a system to maintain a stable state.

I re-posted a quote (attributed to Einstein, but probably not):
"He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand in rapt awe, is as good as dead"
The idea is that there is so much that we simply can not know,
the remainder is simply amazing.
Even the answers we find, are amazing.
Enjoy that which is amazing!
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