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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Those wispy dreams,
telling me things i do not want to know.
Things i will not see,
but there is so much life between.
That still small voice that resonates deep with my heart.
it is only a whisper, but the echo is thunderous.
I have learn to trust that voice,
it guides me and leads me.
It tells me that even if i go to the depths of hell,
i will not be alone.
I see darkness clouding others,
they do not know we can not be separated,
that this "life" is but a twinkling of our being.
There are others who so restrict the life we have here,
they miss its purpose.
i know this life is difficult enough without us causing more,
but we do anyway.
I cannot share my dream with any one close.
They will be upset and they have enough on their own to deal with.
There is no fear of this,
there is no reason to fear.
It is all good.
A day,
a thousand years,
it is no matter,
i must prepare.
Cherish every moment,
be thankful for every good.
This is preparation.
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