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Thursday, November 7, 2013

the incredible strangeness of being me.

My birthday is soon to be.
I celebrate...well differently.
Since the idea hit me strongly on my 33rd birthday,
i try to do something for others.
That year i bought every one who was close to me, presents.
Yes you read that correctly.
This year, i am inviting people over so i can cook a favorite meal:
Smoked brisket,
my mac and cheese,
butter beans (Lima beans)
and a few other things.
i did one special thing for another and their daughter.
It is my way of saying thank you for being in my life
and having fun while doing it.
I actually do not want anything (not that i will refuse any offering, but you get the idea).
So in a few days, i get to celebrate my strangeness...enjoy!
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