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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Almost awake

The "daylight savings" thing has taken its toll,
I am almost awake a 9 AM, but wide awake at 6 AM.
The evenings are harder
and the days shorter.
A slight freeze
and then cleaning out the garden.
I have found great gems
of leeks
and celery
and herbs...
and anise...
and mint...
and green tomatoes...
and hot peppers!
What treasures, this bounty of cleaning!
The weather warms,
the sun is very active ,
so many millions of miles away
and we, here on this speak,
become warmer still.

Colors of leaves still speak volumes,
of finishing a season
and going to sleep.
A trip is fun,
tho driving is not.

Perhaps soon the paints will beckon to me,
but first 3 celebrations come in the next three weeks.
two birthdays and Thanksgiving...
I am pleased!

The seasons pass,
they bring joy to my heart!
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