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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

deceptive appearances

we think we know,
but e don't.
or someone
looks to be one thing,
but it or they are not.
The most common is something like the wolf in sheep's clothing.
But there are more common others...
the snow that seems so beautiful
contains hazards of falling and cold.
I and another member of the house
deal with something else...
we seem "okay",
but that is such a relative term.
Neither of us are.
Dave, presents so well,
he is gracious and kind,
but has significant impairment,
but people think he is faking.
So many thing i used to be able to do,
but outwardly,
it does not look like i have changed,
yet i have.
So many things i can no longer do...
I am vulnerable,
and to trust some one with my life,
is what i must do.
To often there is over compensation'and under compensation
for what i can and can not do.
People do not realize the effort i must put forth just to do.
To walk,
to get around,
to put things in order,
to not be tired,
but i do.

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