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Sunday, December 29, 2013

in sickness

some who follow me on Facebook now know i had a bout with minor food poisoning,
Camplybacter was my diagnosis, though the source was under cooked egg.
Yet the duration shows i was correct (3 days).
Now for the part no one wants to know, when eating,
i take risks.  I am aware of the risks, but take them anyway.
Consequences such as being sick for 3 days is the by product.
My risk?
I ordered eggs sunny side up...i was thinking of my dad when i  did that,
but the place we were at was down 2 cooks (not known to me at the time or else i would not have ordered them that way) and i saw that the white was not cooked completely, but because we were in a rush and it took and hour to get the meal, i did not complain or send it back.
For most people, getting sick is not because of risk, it is because of poor food handling practice and they do not deserve it.
It could have been much worse because what i should have gotten was salmonella
and i would have been sick for New Years also.
So this is the introduction, now to the meat of this post.
It has been said that men are babies and want to be taken care of when they get sick.
I have seen it true in many cases, i am not one of them...
I want to be left alone,
i do not want to spread my sickness,
I do not want anyone to take care of me,
i do not want others to clean up after me.
That was not the case when i was in the Hospital for 2 months after the brain tumor removal,
i had to learn to let others take care of me
and it was a hard lesson.
Would i let some one take care of me?
Yes, the lesson is ingrained in my heart, i am not that haughty,
but truly only if it is really needed or they really want to.

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