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Friday, January 3, 2014

snowy day

It is white
and it is cold.
That white stuff keeps coming down
and i feel off course.
No only me,
but the whole world;
those near and far,
tumbling out of control.
Illness did not help.
The snow either,
but the cold,
this is the worse.
It reaches deep,
chilling my very banes,
yet in the house i am warm and dry.
No pictures of this,
though to the eyes,
this blanket of white seems pretty.
How easily are the eyes fooled!
It has now been a year since i retired.
Retired, sounds like i went to sleep!
No, that is not to be
and my life,
even in this cold blanket of white,
is busy.
I want to do still more
and that is the crux of the problem,
because i can not.
I am limited,
but not for trying.
It seems strange that there are some things that still stop me,
cold, so as to speak,
my heart tries, but can not forge ahead.
a little bit at a time
and then i must stop
or my heart would break in two.
and then stopping.
The cold is not my friend.

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