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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dreaming again

The garden was beautiful,
green grass,
beautiful bushes loaded with fruit
and a hedge guarding it from any intrusion.
i wandered in peace
gather a few berries to eat;
i needed but a few to satisfy me
and there was peace.
i have felt this peace before,
it is exhilarating.
I wanted more
and then i came back and
it was gone
and this world was back.
That was the real world to me,
not this shabby appearance of a world.
Cold and bleak,
with games people playing.
No i do not like this world,
it is this world that is not right.
The other was where i belong.
How few people i can tell!
For so many are afraid i will go to this place and
leave them here,
but here is but such a short time
and there is forever.
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