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Friday, February 21, 2014

finally light at the end of a tunnel

And no, it is not an oncoming train.
So much darkness,
i, myself fell into it.
Pain and anger and hate.
We do not want these things in our lives,
but they come.
Sometimes through other people
and we go on the merry go round with them.
Other times we can blame no one,
but ourselves.
The reality is that we all do this
and so there was the first order of business;
pick myself up
and forgive... Me.
Why we act the way we do,
is beyond me,
for we are not always pure,
though i have tried.
Then for those who hate or are angry or even confused with us,
they are each forgiven.
The mistakes i make are my own...
the mistakes you make are your own,
there is no blame,
only moving on.
The rains have come
and like what forgiveness does to our hearts,
it washes away the stains.
Yes warmer weather has come
and slowly the piles of dirty snow are leaving us.
Likewise, my heart feels a renewal.
I have pick myself off,
brushed off the dirt
and continued to walk on.
It is a good day to be thankful.
This is the pattern of living,
we walk,
we fall,
we get up
and then continue to walk.
Isn't it fun?

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