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Friday, February 28, 2014

What happens when you retire

at least for me, that is.
It has been a year and i feel busier than ever,
but there is much more to it than that.
I always seem to have some thing to do?
Well not always, but when i need to stop, i can and do.
I do things that might not be absolutely necessary,
but now i have the time.
This especially relates to cleaning.
I do more "things" with others.
More people include me in their after work activities
and rely on me to do special things.
I walk more.
Any time that the weather permits that is.
Do i get lonely or board?
Sometimes i am alone, i am never bored.
I need some inspiration to do some things,
like repair cracks in the kitchen floor or paint a picture
and that seems what i wait for most of all.
Being alone does not mean i am lonely,
but i have been distracted by wanting to be around other people.
I actually get to spend time doing things i really like, such as cooking
and since i am of the "low and slow cooking is the best school",
i am in heaven.
My house smells wonderful most of the time.
Then i get to blog when it hits me,
not when i can make time.

Blogging is important, it lets me share my heart.
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