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Friday, February 28, 2014

a tortured soul?

I have often looked at people
and seen directly into their souls.
Most are good,
a few not.
It frightens me,
because i dare not look at my own.
My worth was always what i could do,
not who i was.
take away what i could do,
made me naked and afraid,
but that is not what and where truth is.
For what i can do,
is both evil and good
and there is barely and distinction between the two,
save that people like when i do good,
but me,
that is a different story,
for i am afraid to be seen,
thinking that it is ugly
and not pretty...
So i hide away in what i can do,
knowing that it can be either evil or good
and let people judge me by my cover,
not what truly lies on the inside.
How sad is this?
People think evil of me for the things i do,
forgetting the good that i have done before.
they have never discovered the me inside.
This is what i wish for,
freverently pray for,
tho my mind say no,
no one should ever know me ...
for i am ugly!
no, i am not justifying my actions,
i am looking to justify my soul.
Truly, whom am i to say that i am ugly?
For if my true face is not shown,
if i have not found peace with in my self,
how can i say it is ugly?
For those brave souls,
help me remove the garments of doing

and find the joy of me.
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